Electric Power Quality Solutions

When professional experience and advanced thinking meet, our experts will efficiently tailor the product to the problem, leading to savings and optimization beyond expectations for the business.

The one-stop-shop for solutions to a variety of electrical quality issues for factories, organizations, and more.

Significant Energy Savings Saving Operating Costs Preventing Production Interruptions Reducing maintenance costs Continuous function for business operation Streamlining operational processes

Wellcome to POS

Experts in solving electric power quality problems

“P.O.S company accompanies its customers throughout the entire process of selecting and implementing solutions.

Our engineering team has advanced measurement and analysis capabilities using sophisticated equipment. Upon completion of the measurement process, a thorough analysis of the data will be conducted to identify the problem, and a well-organized report with recommendations and an optimal technical solution will be provided to the customer.

Following the solution specification, installation and implementation process will take place, including training and guidance for the customer.

Upon completion of the entire process, the customer will benefit from professional service and close support.”

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